August 8, 2007

i was torcured. i hadded to go in the blak machine wif weels. i hate that. we wented to meowmies furends howse. i do not like this at all. i hidded unner the bed fur the hole time we was there. i dont wanna do that agin. i am gettin to be a big man cat. i prolly way 16 pounds. so does that count as beein a big man cat. i hope so acause i is kinda short an not to long like Spot. I is real healfy tho. i got no pee problems so thats good. my meowmie has been away lots lately and i miss her. today when she woked up i got lots of love and tention an would not let her go bak to sleep. last nite i gotted lots of tention to. i made her stay awake and give me love. well i gotta go for now. i will be bak soon. jake-at-the-vet.jpg


March 2, 2007

I hadded to go to the V-E-T las nite. meowmie fonded me poopin in unner the pee-an-o. that is whut a pee-an-o is fur rite? so any way i pooped an she kleeneded it up an fonded sum werms in it. i tryed to tell her sumefin wus not rite. i likeded all the fur off mine belly. do beans know whut that meens? so i has to eet te gross broun pills. i kin trik mine meowmie tho. i hold it in my cheek til she goes away an i spit it owt. i am prutty smart arent i. well i has to go. talk to you soon

i was not happy

February 1, 2007

las nite that brofur pain of mine was sniffin and trying to get luv. i just tolded him to stay away and leaf me lone. i efen hadded to swat at him. i did lots of talkin tho. i fink hes got the idea. i wanted to be lone wif my meowmie acause she has been gone lots lately and i want her all to mineself. i dont wanna share. i efen sleeped wif her the ofer nite. just to keep her on the bed so she wouldnt go away. it werked tho she didnt get up. she knows better than ti move a cat when they are comfy and doing their job of keepin the humas still. las nite meowmie gived me some bo-lo-ne oh it was so yummy i could eat that all the time. Spot had some to but he frew it up. Ha Ha. he cant keep human food in his belly.

i is helpin to

January 11, 2007

as Spot said meowmie wus not feelin gud. i has been sleepin wif my boy but i new that she needed me. so i decided to sleep where i usta. i kno she appreciated it. i just hope she is feelin better.  me an Spot are doin a gud job helpin. we dont like moewmie bein this way. 

new places to sleep

January 5, 2007

Ok so normaly i sleep wif mine meowmie but i founded somewerez else. i now like to sleep wif my boy. hes on the tall bed.  i feel bad fur meowmie but i like the tall place. i dont reely efen go to her at nite time anymore. i fink she misses me. in teh mornin i give her lot of tention. i haf a konfersation wif her. i tell her i need to eat. and she needs to hurry up and get me food. an i let her pet me. but i like sleepin wif my boy. hope she gets ofer it

mine turn

December 28, 2006

i didnt gets ta post yesterday acause my meowmie gotted bizy. i need her fumbs acause i cant tipe real good. well the intruders are goned to their new howses. i is happy fur them and their families acause that meens they is not here no more. i did lots of snuggeling wif meowmie lately. she sais im beein weird acause i wont sleep where i usualy do. i likes to sleep on her side. she sleeps on her rite side an i take the left. i has been more intersted in the rest of the bed wif the ofer intruder smells that are still there. maybe i just need more time to get bck to normal. well i gotta go see what i can get into. i will try harder to post more.

Listen up!

December 19, 2006

My meowmie is doin sumefin send her you dress if you maded a donation fur the kitties to get out of owr howse.  i don know why she wants you dress but do it. her email is

i wus told to say peeeeeeez!!!!!!!!!!

NIP NIP NIP NIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 8, 2006

i  love nip. i gotted so hi last nite. gotta go get more.

i gots a bad meowmie!

December 5, 2006

my meowmie lefted me outside all nite long. i wus not happy wif her an i tolded her this mornin. i came rite in that house an wus yellin at her. i don’t fink she will do it agin. she gave me lots of pets and luv. she musta felt bad. i am not normaly a playful kitty but las nite i wus playin wif my meowmie. she hunged her towel over the side of the little beans tall bed. an all of a sudden it was movin. so i haded to put the bitey on it. it wus kinda fun to. my meowmie wishes i would play more. she wus laughin an say how cute i wus. i guess i cant stay mad at her fur long. i might efen start playin more.

No more intruders

December 4, 2006

My meowmie broted the kitty to new york on friday. i kinda miss hafin her round. i been gettin lots of love to. efery time my meowmie sits on the couch i sit right on top of her so she cant go nowheres. i also been purring lots an really loud acause she seem on the sad side. so i is tryin to make her happier. i fink its werkin. she tooked some pictures of me i wus bein really cute. but she furgotted the plug for the computer. i will haf to remind her tomorrow.